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 GOS 2021

We are delighted to confirm that the postponed GOS Meeting for 2020 and 2021 will now be held in Ireland in June 2022. Gerry and Noelle have been fantastic in reorganizing this for a third time. To view the flyer please login and go to the future meetings section.


Barbara Marks continues to collate all the members' details. If you think yours has changed then please contact her.

Professor Josep Trueta and his colleagues founded this society in 1950. Membership is open to all those who have spent a significant part of their training in orthopaedics in Oxford. There is an annual three day scientific conference. At its founding the following paragraph was written which reflects the Society's 'mission statement', as it would now be defined:

'As the years go by most of us feel an increasing admiration and gratitude to those who are responsible for our upbringing and we feel an increasing appreciation for your friendship and understanding among people. Some of the men that owe their orthopaedic training to the school built by Girdlestone and who feel that it provided for them not only a school but in the intellectual sense a family as well, feel the need for an organisation that will keep alive the spirit of this family" [G.Mineiro 1958].